Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interview and Shoot!

Yes, I know the announcement about my interview is delayed, but better late than never?

My interview for Richard Windsor has been up on his site for a few days now, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I love reading all of the positive feedback, too. Thanks, Rich, for the generous promotion!

It was fun for me to shoot the interview with Danny, because I do like to share my experiences and spanko past with this awesome community. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do!

At my RealSpankings shoot on Thursday, I got to shoot with another model, Frankie. She's fairly new, and very fun to work with, not to mention adorably spankable. :-) We started off in our school uniforms for RSI, and were made to strip down to only our socks and shoes and receive a hand spanking for messing around during our free hour.

I have kind of a funny story here. Michael Masterson had me bent over grabbing my knees for the hand spanking, and I had the hardest time keeping my balance as he swatted away. It was quite distracting, and I kept stumbling forward and having to reset my position. Also, we realized after we had shot the first scene that there had been a misplaced bathrobe sitting on the table the entire time. Redo!

Not really, but it does look a little out of place. Shooting spanking scenes doesn't always go so smoothly!

For the second scene, we changed into gym uniforms and got strapped for failing to improve our fitness exams over the year. That was actually realistic for me; I despised gym class in school and never got decent grades even though my other grades were perfect. Whoever decided that kids need to dress in horrible uniforms and run around in circles obviously had problems. Oh, right, back to the shoot. . .Our third scene was a first for me, as I had never been paddled on camera before. Paddles are scary for me, and I genuinely fear them. Michael assured me that the paddle they used for their School Swats series was a lighter aspen wood and although it would be painful, it was over clothes and wouldn't be as bad as I thought.

It was still bad. But I grimaced my way through it and was proud in the end. I even got to sign the School Swats paddle! Frankie braved her way through it, too.

I didn't mark much at first, but a small bruise appeared on my right cheek a day later, and I still feel sore. Another successful shoot. :-)

P.s. Oh! Also, the 2010 Spanking Awards are going on right now, and Violetta was sweet enough to nominate me for New Spankee of the Year. Realspankings got a lot of nominations as well, which is great. Take a look if you feel inclined! ;-)


  1. This is going to sound like an Oscar speech; it contains a bunch of thank-yous.

    Thank you for this wonderful, entertaining post.

    Thanks to Richard Windsor for requesting and hosting (on his site) your very nice interview.

    Thanks to you and Danny for conducting (performing? participating in? what's the right verb for an interview? gee, if only there were an English major somewhere around here to help me out) the very nice interview, complete with a very, very nice spanking (during which, I assume, you stopped and moved the camera at least once [unless you have a minion], so that we could have a second viewpoint, so thanks for the production values). That spanking was hard and sensual at the same time. Danny obviously has learned what you like (or, possibly, you like all spanking so much that it's hard to go wrong, but I'm more inclined to give him credit). You have the wonderful spankee gift of saying "OW!" after one swat and purring happily after the next one -- it's not like the spanking doesn't HURT, it's just that it doesn't hurt so much that you can't still enjoy it.

    Thanks for the report on the RS shoot. You mean, they can't get Industrial Light and Spankings to matte out the bathrobe so it won't show in the final print? Well, at least at RSI a robe is SLIGHTLY plausible (the students hypothetically live there). If it was an office or day-school scene, it'd be even MORE unfortunate it was in view.

    Is Frankie modest? I thought we'd already established that you'd run around the set naked all day and not mind it a bit? And now that the studio is on its own land, you no longer have to worry about random foot traffic outside the windows. So it must have been for her.

    Thanks to your ancestors that you are such a pleasing shape even though you don't like to exercise. It must be genetic.

    I knew the school swats paddle is less thick than some school paddles -- the girls' model, so to speak -- but I didn't realize it is also a less dense wood. I'm glad you weren't badly marked; I don't know if some other paddles have been heavier, or if the difference is between clothes/bare, or if you don't mark much because you are spanked often, but I'm sure you've seen results shots from other school swats and some of the girls' bottoms come out solid purple with that scary white dead-looking circle in the middle.

    Thanks for calling our attention to the Spanking Awards, and to Violetta for nominating you. I hope you win.

    I will not thank my parents, god, my agent or the Academy.

    Great post.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. I hope you got in under the "don't procrastinate" deadline, so this blog won't be an item you're spanked for this week. Though, as with most DD situations, I'm not sure your behavior actually correlates to how much you get spanked -- only to whether you're supposed to feel guilty while the spanking is happening.

  2. Bravo! I loved that interview, Sophie. I enjoy reading interviews with models who are genuine spankos, but on-camera adds so much dimension. I could say you're totally cute and adorable, but it's already been said so many times. Oh, screw it---you're totally cute and adorable. And the spanking after was such a visual treat.

    Great job by Danny, and great idea by Richard Windsor. Thanks to all.

  3. Sophie nice pics ,Frankie looks a little cutie too like you are ,shall check the vid out my favourite is otk to watch i also belong to that real spankings site hope you might appear there too lovey ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  4. That was a really good interview. Thanks for the mention!

    It always makes me happy to see you back on camera. You're gonna be a star, kiddo. :P

  5. Hello Sophie.

    I am new to your blog, although I have just now read my way through it right back until June.

    I have seen your clips on Spankingtube, and have enjoyed watching you. The interview was great, and I especially enjoyed your church-girl scene.

    (If OTK were a boyband I would SO be at their concerts.)

    Like you I am an English major, although I left University a long time ago. I am now a teacher, (and a church girl!), living in England.

    Anyway I just wanted to say hi, (kiaora/g'day as I am a New Zealander raised in Australia), and to tell you that I have enjoyed reading/watching you these past months.


  6. Michael-
    Thank YOU for such a wonderful comment! I did make it under the procrastination deadline, although you can probably see that I've neglected to post this week. Hope you've been well!

    Thank you, I'm really happy with how it turned out!

    I'm glad you enjoyed. :-)

    Aw, shucks. Thanks!

    Thank you, and welcome! I'm always happy to gain another reader and fellow spanko friend. I will check out your blog as well.

  7. Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for the welcome: to be honest I feel a little starstruck talking to you! :-)

    I have been posting my new stories on Facebook, and I began them on Yahoo-360; my own blog was just an archive. But since I knew you were coming over to visit I washed up all the coffee cups, vacuumed the rug, and put the kettle on again. I also updated with my most recent writings.

    Spankingtube won't let me comment, but I wanted to say I *love* your Sophie's Sanctuary clip. It is both wonderful and beautiful. Thank you for posting it, and for your clever idea.

    Oh, the shoes with the red bottoms? Classic!


  8. Kirsten, thanks for mentioning the Sophie's Sanctuary clip, which I didn't previously know was there.

    Sophie and Danny, thanks for making the video and posting the clip. It doesn't look to me like Sophie HAD any sanctuary (place of safety; refuge) so the title baffled me till I noticed The Sanctuary was where it was filmed.

    It takes another woman to notice the color of the bottom of Sophie's shoes. Now, the (eventual) color of Sophie's bottom -- that we all notice.

    Best wishes,


  9. @ Michael. I am happy to be of assistance! *curtsey*

    I interpreted Sophie's title that over the knee is her sanctuary. Yes that was the name of the club, but for me, (not a "spanko" but a woman who still likes the occasional calming smack), otk can be a place of removal.

    When I am over a knee, (and I am very choosy about whose knee I will go over), I find it to be a place of safety, of love, of acceptance, and of security. It is a place where I can bring my doubts and concerns, and indeed my stress and anger, and have these things rhythmically sung, (stung?), out of me.

    Spanking has always been more about the head than the bottom for me, and on occasion when I go for "discipline" (which for me is different to punishment) it is more about doing something constructive to still the pain in my heart or the voices of self-accusation (and self-destruction) in my head.

    When I am spanked it is always my choosing.

    For me to be over the knee of a person who loves me is my sanctuary because you know what they say: "a friendly knee is a friend indeed."

    Maybe that's not where Sophie was coming from, but that's what Kirsten thinks about it.


    Kirsten Blessed.

  10. Hmm, Sophie, 3 weeks since a blog post, and 9 days since a comment. It's probably end-of-semester for you; papers, studying for exams. Then there's the normal holiday busy-ness, shopping, wrapping, shipping. So, I hope you have obtained some sort of seasonal leniency from Danny for your blog-maintenance timetable -- or else there will be some spanking associated with those two numbers.

    Good luck with the end of semester.


  11. Michael-

    You're exactly right, and I thank you for sticking with me still!

    Posting a new entry as we speak. . .

  12. Sophie - You continue to strive in the spanko world! Keep it up girl!!!