Friday, June 4, 2010

Wait. Other People Are Into This Too??

Our family computer was in our central family room, and only when my parents and older sister were occupied elsewhere would I dare to sneak on and click to the only search engine I was aware of: Ask Jeeves. I took this quite literally and typed in “How can I get a spanking?”, hoping Mr. Jeeves would be a pal and help me out. No such luck, but I did discover an array of spanking stories and pictures, which I spent hours upon hours sifting through. Shortly after, I discovered spanking chat forums and (a huge treat) video clips of girls getting spanked! I was still under aged at this point, but felt little guilt at clicking on the “I'm Over 18” button so I could explore to my heart's delight.

I got increasingly greedy as time went on. First, the stories were enough to completely satisfy my spanko hunger. Then, I would watch videos, or read people's blogs (Yes, if you have or have had a blog since I was about 15, I've most likely lurked there!) Chatting on line was good for a while, and I developed many lasting friendships there. Still, though, I craved the real thing. And it wouldn't be long until I experienced my first real spanking.

Tired of these cliffhangers yet? See you next time!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! How may of us looked up spanking and related words in dictionaries almost as soon as we could read, and devoured the few scenes we found in books and films?

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Yes, I know I'm not alone in my childhood spanko thoughts, though I thought I was at the time! Thanks for reading. :-)

  3. Sophie you were a naughty little girl looking a t underage sites you need spanked lol ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  4. I'm actually really glad to know I wasn't the only 15 year old clicking "Yes, I am over 18" on my family computer at 2am when everyone was asleep. Now your blog is here for others to click on in the middle of the night ;)

  5. LOL @ Elle

    You weren't the only one.